Bang Mau

Here's Mauricio after a snorkelling session in one of the bays.

Khun Rat

My first post of the year.  I had some much needed time-off over the Christmas break and was able to recharge the batteries somewhat.  Some friends and I chartered a yacht in Phang Nga Bay (Thailand) and went sailing for a few days.  We opted to have an experienced skipper join us, and here he is, Khun Rat, at the helm of our Bavaria 39 cruiser.  More shots to follow.

Bubble Gun

Another long spell without a post.  I've been rather busy with getting the new version of pixyBlog out, which is now running much more smoothly and I have a minute to get this shot online.

This is Eleanor; my sister-in-law's sister's daughter (is there a better term then that?).  Her mum recently got married and my Dad and I were asked to do the photos for the wedding.  The first time I'd ever photographed a wedding and it's a lot harder than I had thought…  I certainly earned my dinner.  All the shots came out fine, no disasters, so we passed the test and they have an album to remember their special day.  

On leaving the church, after the ceremony, all the kids lined up with these bubble shooters to get the newly weds.  That was fine, but when it came to doing the traditional group photos for the wedding there's hardly a shot which doesn't contain at least one kid holding their bright pink bubble guns.

Bobby on the box

Here's nepthew Bobby again, still with my apple. I didn't manage to get any shots of Samuel – maybe next visit.

I'm cheating a little, this shot should have gone up last night but I didn't get a chance, so I've uploaded a day late and will post two shots today.


Here’s my friends dog Pocky who’s named after some asian candy (Pocky; chocolate coated sticks).

Yu-Yee resident of Smile Bar Patong

Yu-Yee is the resident pet at my friend’s bar in Patong.

Apart from the out-of-focus part around her left eye I am quite pleased with this shot. I very rarely take people portraits as I find them very difficult and the results are usually less than flattering. Much easier to photograph animals I think. Practice, practice, practice… I know.