Phuket Surf Competition

Back to the Kalim surfing competition which happened a few weeks ago.  This is another attempt to get-to-grips with Dynamic Photo HDR software, which I've been having varying success with.

Bang Tao Fishing Village, Phuket in HDR

It was inevitable; everyone's doing it and I was going to do it too sooner or later.  HDR that is.  I woke surprisingly early and decided today was the day.  Tripod in hand I headed to my nearest beach, Bang Tao, and set about looking for a suitable scene to capture in HDR.  I had a basic understanding of what was needed; multiple exposures bracketed of the same scene.  I went about snapping away for an hour and then made my way back to the computer (via a breakfast stop).  I wasn't sure which bit of software to use, and in the end I went for Dynamic Photo HDR by Media Chance.  It's good.  Simple.  I had my first HDR image rendered in less than 15 minutes.

Well, here it is.  My first HDR.  It's a house I drive past everyday and always wanted to photograph.  The result is really grainy though (even at this screen resolution), and I think I've found out why.  Until 5 minutes ago I wasn't aware my camera had auto exposure bracketing; a real useful feature.  So I'd been snapping away at second intervals and of course the wind blows and tree's and water move and when you put them all together there are discrepancies.  So now I know for next time.  I decided to post it anyway, and I'm positive I will be trying this some more.

On your marks. Get set. Go.

I'm sure there are many great titles which could be applied to this photo, and this certainly isn't the greatest.  If anyone has a better suggestion, please comment.

It was taken earlier this year on Koh Yao Noi; a 30 min boat journey from Phuket.  Some friends and I were exploring the island on motorbikes for half a day when we came to this beach.  I didn't even notice the sunbather at first, but having just gone through the shots from that day I found this one, cropped it and posted it to my blog.  Enjoy.

Kuala Lumpur by night

As promised here's a shot of the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur.  It was taken from the hotel I was staying in (but unfortunately this wasn't the view from my room, I had to walk to the end of the corridor).  It's taken me a while to get this shot up online… that was due to being stupidly busy with the release of pixyBlog; hurrah!

Railay Bay

Here's a view of Railay Beach in Thailand.  It was quite a treck to get to this view point.

Maheno Wreck, Fraiser Island

Last shot from my Australia archives (for now at least).  I should be able to get out with my camera in the next week or so and get some "fresh" work up.  The last few photos I've posted are from my EOS 5 days with Velvica slide flim.  I had to get them scanned-in and they're all a bit grainy, this one especially so (how I love digital).  This is the Maheno Wreck on Fraiser Island, Queensland… only accessable by 4×4.

Misty Valley

Again, the same valley as the last two posts, this time a little further down the mountain towards Meribel.  You can see that the snow's very patchy and we really were lucky that we were able to ski/board all week.  Maybe one more 3 Valleys shot to come tomorrow.

Day break at Kovalam

Another beach shot from Kovalam, India.  This was taken the same morning as the previous two, but I thought that it was quite different from those + I like the colours, the arch the tide makes and generally the simplicity of the shot.

Cockmarsh, near Winter Hill

This shot was taken at about the same time as this one.  Winter hill, Ashley Hill and around Cockmarsh are one of my favorite mountain biking routes around Maidenhead – there pretty much the hilliest areas we've got. 


Cookham train bridge

This is the first shot I've posted for a month!  That's a sign of how busy I've been.  The only reason I have anything to post today is because no one else was around to walk the dog; so I went out with the dog and my camera to the Thames at Cookham (again).

This is the train bridge near Cockmarsh.  It was a lovely crisp day and I think I've got another shot I'll post tomorrow.