Red Arrows performance in Cornwall

This shot was taken by my Dad while on holiday in Cornwall this summer.  I was going to post it along with my other Red Arrow shots from the Farnborough airshow, but it was taken on his film camera and the digital image came from the CD accompanying the prints and was really grainy.  I just got round to processing it with the help of the excellent Noise Ninja and so here it is. The background is still it a bit stripy, but it's dinner time and enoughs enough 🙂

How many planes can you count?

Following on from Steve’s observation of the phantom 10th Red Arrow, here’s a shot to provide evidence that there were only nine Red Arrows in the display team.

I’ve just done a quick bit of Googling and there “could” be an alternative answer to the mystery:

“This section lists the ten pilots of the Red Arrows 2006 Team, and no, that is not a
misprint, the Team’s Road Manager, Red 10, flies his own Hawk aircraft, which is
sometimes called to act as the spare aircraft in the case of an engineering problem
while the Team is away from base.”


“Red 10 also flies TV cameramen and photographers for air-to-air pictures of the Red Arrows.”


Was there a tenth Red Arrow in the air that day, possibly taking pictures of the A380 fly-by? Or was the picture due to some sort of lense trickery?

Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

Is it a helicopter? Is it a plane? No it’s the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey!

I just missed seeing this thing fly at the Farnborough Airshow as I arrived 5 minutes too late. The Osprey has been beleaguered with problems since it was first approved for development in 1986 and still isn’t in service today, however orders are now being taken (hence its presence at the airshow).

It’s design looks as if it comes straight out of comic books and it reminded me of the killer flying machines from the Terminator films.

Maybe one more aviation shot tomorrow, then I’ll try and get out to take some more shots in and around the town.

A380 and The Red Arrows

Apparently an ‘aviation first’, here’s the Red Arrows escorting the Airbus A380 at the Farnborough Airshow. I was standing by the runway with a number of other photographers/aviation enthusiasts waiting for this flyby, when finally we saw the Airbus in the distance there was a collective groan as it was flying straight out of the sun. The only decent shot I have is this one as they had just gone past us. Would be interesting to see what shots the other guys managed to get.

The Red Arrows

The RAF Red Arrows at the Farnborough Airshow last week. The last time I saw these guys was years ago in Cornwall as a kid. I have fond memories of those magnificent men and their flying machines and it was a joy to see them again.

Eurofighter Typhoon

Taken at the Farnborough Airshow on Thursday, here’s the Eurofighter Typhoon taking-off.

Airbus A380 fly-by

This photoblog is going to be a little aviation orientated for the next few days. I did take my camera out with me on a bike ride this afternoon to try and get some new shots, but came back empty-handed… I knew I wasn’t really in the mood.

Here’s another shot of the Airbus A380 at Farnborough Airshow yesterday. Tomorrow will be the Eurofighter Typhoon I think.

Airbus A380

I haven’t posted for the last few days as I’ve been busy getting the site updated (plus I had no shots to post). We are now running the latest version of pixyBlog software which has support for dynamic archives, thumbnails and displaying of EXIF information. There are still a few glitches, but these should be ironed-out over the next couple of days.

Today I needed a break from the sweltering office (no aircon here), so with a little help from a certain relative I managed to get into the trade day at Farnborough Airshow. There were some awesome machines on display; Euro Fighter, Apache Gunship, F-16 to name a few, but the highlight was definitely the new Airbus A380… how can that thing fly? It’s big.

I have some more shots from the airshow to post over the next few days including a favorite from my childhood; The Red Arrows.

Portsmouth Harbor (from the air)

The final shot I will post from my flying lesson on Wednesday. On the flight back to Fairoaks Flight Centre we did a low level flyover of Portsmouth Harbour where we were just in time to see this frigate being escorted out the entrance.


Another shot from yesterday’s flying lesson. Not quite sure where this junction is, except that it’s somewhere between Worthing and Portsmouth; south east of England.

UPDATE: Dave kindly sent me a colour corrected version of this picture which is now being displayed. The original can be view here.